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CCCS21 & Technology

A comprehensive 21st century education for the next generation…

At Contra Costa Christian Schools, we use CCCS21 to describe the technology rich educational environment that surrounds students. A 21st century education is often characterized by technology devices.  However, it is much more than giving a student a computer.  A 21st century education is a fundamental change in how we educate students.  It is a learning environment that engages students to foster collaboration, creativity, innovation, and teamwork.  It describes classrooms that challenge students to critically analyze relevant issues and develop solutions to problems around them.  It inspires students to inquire into topics with their own questions and explore new ideas to fuel their own passions and interest.  Effective 21st century learning environments promote collaboration and communication skills in students so they can articulate their learning and ideas with clarity and passion.

CCCS has chosen to implement laptops in the older grade levels so students have the best possible tools to create products that demonstrate their learning.  We do not want to focus only on consumption of information, rather we want to actively engage content and make meaning from it for ourselves.  This is a critical component to a learning community.  We have been excited to see the new opportunities open to students as we shift our curriculum to more effectively integrate the technology into student learning.  

Teachers utilize projectors and digital tools regularly in their classroom instruction.  Teachers receive professional development on an ongoing basis to assure our classroom instruction includes best practices for 21st century classrooms.  We have overhauled the wireless technology infrastructure in the school to support our recent technology upgrades.

Students in grades 7 to 12 bring laptops to the classroom each day.  In the elementary school, students currently access technology tools through the computer lab or iPads in their classrooms.  We also use Leapfrog TAG reader pens and books in our early grades to develop reading skills.  Technology at the younger levels can be used for research.  It can also be a tool to enhance the instruction for gifted students, remediate content for struggling students, and provide additional practice in many skill areas.