Contra Costa Christian Schools

Preparing the Next Generation

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Council

Student Representatives (elected position)

These students are elected to represent their class on the Leadership Council.  Student responsibilities include such responsibilities as helping classmates when needed, representing their class at each council meeting, giving input and planning for activities and special events.

Student Senate (appointed position)

One student per grade will be selected to serve based on interest, responsibility, and talents. Duties include organizing, keeping the calendar, giving direction, taking care of all sales and money throughout the year, and deciding on improvements.


Chapel Praise Team

Members are responsible for planning and participating in the weekly Middle School chapel.  They work with the responsible teachers to engage students in worship. Students must apply for the praise team and will have an audition before being selected to serve.


All seventh and eighth grade students participate in a 5 day trip to Hume Lake for the MS Retreat during the fall semester.  Sixth grade students participate in a 5 day trip for science camp during the spring semester.  CCCS also hosts various MS events during the year such as dances, ice skating, rafting, and spirit weeks.  Some of these events are during the school day while others occur in the evenings or on weekends.