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Resource Program for Special Needs

The Contra Costa Christian Schools Resource program serves students with special academic needs through support and mainstream instruction.

Contra Costa Christian Schools has a long-standing tradition of educating children in Christian families. Occasionally, those children experience difficulty with one or more academic areas due to special learning needs or the need for academic accomodations.  The resource program works with families to make sure every student is able to thrive and attain success.  While our small class sizes and personalized learning environment meet many students needs, we have a resource teacher devoted to helping enrolled middle and high school students.  We also do some consulting with elementary teachers and provide advice to families on how to help their child be successful.

Enrollment in Resource

If a student is referred to Resource, but has no known prior difficulty, we will start by including them in our intervention program. The Resource Director will determine areas of strengths and weaknesses, what classroom accommodations might be needed, what skills need to be enhanced, and possibly refer the student for indepth asssessment through the school district or private practice.


Students who are accepted into the Resource program will meet with the Resource Director three to five times per week. These sessions will address the particular areas of concern for the student including assistance in the following areas:

Once a student becomes part of the Resource program, parents are encouraged to contact the Resource Director at any time with particular concerns that need to be addressed. At all three levels - elementary, middle school and high school - conferences may be conducted to meet with all teachers, parents, administrator and Resource Director.


Accommodation plans are drawn up by the Resource Director and shared with all teachers. Accommodations include, but are not limited to, the following:

Parents of students with recognized learning disabilities are encouraged to contact the school and make an appointment with the Resource Director.

Deborah Mogianesi