Contra Costa Christian Schools

Preparing the Next Generation


Contra Costa Christian High School has a rich tradition of academic excellence that sends students to top universities across the nation.

At Contra Costa Christian Schools, we believe that a Christian education should be the best possible education that a student can receive.  In addition to the many resources available at any school, we have the opportunity and privilege to engage our academic students with the truth of God's Word.  Our high school program is a college preparatory program that is intended to prepare students for the university of their choice and ability level.  While we challenge them academically, we also push students to develop their character and become the person that God created them to be.  We want them to go beyond knowing the world to understanding who they are and their place in God's bigger plan.  We want to prepare them for success in life.

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Biblical Perspectives on the Academic Disciplines

Please see the HS Course Descriptions for a full listing of courses offered.


The English program is designed to provide students with the skills needed to understand and communicate with love in others. Language and communication have been distorted by the fall, resulting in miscommunication and misunderstanding. Through Christ, language can be redeemed as the Holy Spirit works in students through the study of English, Grammar, Writing, Speech, and Literature, helping students speak and write more clearly and honestly, and listen and read with godly discernment and enjoyment. 


History is a study of how human society has responded to God’s mandate to rule and subdue the earth. History involves human perspective and as such is subjective. The recording of events does not make history. History always involves a perspective on the events. As Christians we attempt to understand and evaluate historical events in the light of God’s Word.  Students will build their skills in examining history from multiple perspectives.   Ultimately, students will critically evaluate the past in order to make sense of the present.


Mathematics is a human activity wherein people try to describe God’s orderly universe in terms of number and shape. “Mathematics originates with the things around us, not with theorems and deductive proofs. Mathematical results are almost always proved deductively only after they have been discovered, accepted, and used. Our primary aim in mathematics courses is not to teach the student how to think clearly and logically [although this is a key component in any study of mathematics]. Our first concern is to help the student understand God’s creation more fully, his task in it, and how mathematics can help him fulfill his calling” (Van Brummelen). 


Science is the activity of investigating physical phenomena to understand the structure God has given to His creation. The science program is designed to help students gain knowledge of how things work. In this regard, students learn methods of investigation that help reduce subjectivity and increase objectivity as conclusions are drawn. The science program aims to develop the student’s awareness that God’s creation is an integrated whole, to understand that science abstracts elements of creation to study them in a structured way in order to deepen understanding, to see science as a tool to serve God and one another, and to deepen understanding of the concepts, laws, theories and practices of science.

For more information on our specific fields of study, please click on the specific subject areas.

  1. Intersession Intersession

    Intersession is a unique opportunity for high school students to put their classroom learning into the real world. It occurs each year between the fall and spring semesters.
  2. Yearbook Yearbook

    The yearbook is an important memento of the students’ life at school and as such will be produced in a professional manner. Production will require learning skills in planning, layout, record keeping, sales, writing, editing, proofreading, and photography.
  3. Social Studies Social Studies

    History is a study of how human society has responded to God’s mandate to rule and subdue the earth. History involves human perspective and as such is subjective.
  4. Science Science

    The study of God's amazing creation in the sciences should lead to a greater understanding of the amazing world we live in and allow students another window to see God at work.
  5. Mathematics Mathematics

    This course will prepare students for higher-level mathematics by exposing them to basic algebraic manipulation of numbers and basic equation solving skills.
  6. Physical Education Physical Education

    Physical education is concerned with using physical activity for service to God and having a better understanding of the student’s body and how God created it.
  7. Health Health

    The course is intended to help students achieve an understanding of wellness and prevent disease by providing many opportunities to apply knowledge to real world experiences.
  8. Foreign Language Foreign Language

    Students have the opportunity to learn Spanish in our foreign language program. While most students participate in this option, we have worked with students already studying another language to participate in online course options.
  9. Fine Arts Fine Arts

    The Fine Arts program at CCCHS develops students in visual arts as well as the performing arts of music and drama.
  10. English English

    At all levels, English courses balance a study of literature and grammar with constant emphasis on writing and reading. The development of communication skills is critical to this subject in both expressing one's self and understanding others.
  11. Christian Studies Christian Studies

    Bible courses at CCCHS are designed to give students an understanding of the Bible and its principles. More than an academic study, these courses apply God's Word to their lives and teach them how to live.