Contra Costa Christian Schools

Preparing the Next Generation


Our educational program is defined by the standards that students are expected to achieve, not textbooks. We use a variety of resources in classrooms to support student learning. We follow California state educational standards.

Core Subjects

Language Arts

The goal of the Language Arts program is to ground students in foundational literacy skills.  Students form a strong foundation of written and oral communication along with the ability to work in teams.  They work on skills such as peer and self-editing.  We want all students to become effective speakers, writers, and listeners through practice and application of their language arts skills. 

Textbook: MacMillan McGraw-Hill


Math at CCCS is carefully crafted to capitalize on children’s interests and maximize student learning.   The math curriculum includes a balance of exploration (discovery and investigation), precision (drill and practice of basic skills), and application (using math in real life situations).  Students find out that there are predictable patterns in nature and numeracy.

Textbook: Sadlier-Oxford


Children are naturally inquisitive and our elementary school science curriculum engages this curiosity about the world to develop  learning and exploration. Students are given the opportunity to engage in collaborative learning that makes science interesting and exciting. Regular field trips also support student learning and often provide a richer, hands-on experience.

The science program encourages exploration, experimentation and discovery. It builds on the development of scientific skills–asking questions, predicting, experimenting, observing, recording, researching, analyzing, concluding and communicating.

Textbook: MacMillan McGraw-Hill

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum equips our students to participate productively and responsibly in our ever-changing global world. Students wrestle with real world problems and apply their learning to their local communities.  They identify challenges in our own communities as well as in other locales around the world.  They are challenged to critically analyze and evaluate how to solve these larger problems.  Students apply knowledge and develop a comprehensive skill set that integrates with the other areas of study.  The curriculum focuses on citizenship, civics, culture, economics, geography and history.  These studies enable students to gain an understanding of their past and present to better prepare for their future.

Textbook: Houghton Mifflin

Supplemental Subjects


CCCS uses Art in Action to guide their Art curriculum.  Art is done in the homeroom classroom, but is a routine part of the class.  The students gain exposure to different artist and styles of work and then have the opportunity to apply their new understandings.


Students at CCCS are involved in devotions, Bible classes, chapel, and an integrated Biblical worldview to grow them spiritually and firmly in their walk with Christ.  The primary goal is for the students to develop a relationship with Christ, but to also see how the Bible and God work in their everyday lives and don’t have to be separated out.


CCCS offers music to students in Grades K-3 two days a week.  The class introduces the students to different styles of music as well as different musical instruments.  The students have an opportunity to be hands-on and involved in their music education.  

In 4th grade the students are involved in a musical and have numerous opportunities to sing, dance, and act as they perform.  They are also involved in a recorder ensemble that meets two times per week.  The fifth graders at CCCS participate in band.

Physical Education

The PE program at CCCS encourages and teaches healthy life skills that will have a lasting impact on students.  We want students to enjoy being active and making healthy decisions about how they are fueling their bodies.  In addition, they are gaining skills in different sports, games, and activities as well as how to work together with their classmates/teammates.   Students participate in PE two times per week.


Students at CCCS take Spanish class two times a week starting in Kindergarten.  A high value is placed on the value of learning a second language and exposing kids to different cultures and traditions.  Students have the opportunity to continue on in Spanish through middle and high school.


Technology is a vital part of our culture and the culture our students are being raised in.  Therefore, a high priority is set of training students to use different technology tools to demonstrate understanding of classroom concepts.  It is also vital to educate students on appropriate use and safety using technology.  We integrate technology into the classroom and use technology to enhance the curriculum in many subject areas.