Contra Costa Christian Schools

Preparing the Next Generation

Elementary School

Welcome to the Contra Costa Christian Elementary School. The elementary school strives to educate the whole child - academically, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

We  balance these different parts recognizing that each child is uniquely made in God’s image.   CCCS embraces the individual learning styles of each student, allowing us to provide them a learning environment where students thrive.  By using differentiated instructional strategies, we provide a learning environment where every child can find success and learn in a method most effective for them.  Teachers are aware of each student's individual needs and backgrounds in their classroom.  Another distinctive quality of CCCS is the strong commitment to integrating the Biblical truth into the curriculum.  We want the students to incorporate a Christian worldview into all aspects of their lives and learn how to live in light of God's amazing love for us.

Academic Development

Our academic program is rigorous, and our teachers differentiate instruction to provide enrichment and/or remediation as needed.

The elementary school chooses curriculum materials on the basis of educational quality and developmental appropriateness. Our educational program is defined by the standards that students are expected to achieve, not textbooks.  We use a variety of resources in classrooms to support student learning.  We follow California state educational standards.

Elementary students participate in specialist classes including physical education (PE), music, library, and Spanish language. Technology is integrated into the classroom instruction in many areas.

Social, Emotional, and Physical Development

All teachers use collaborative groups and teamwork within the classroom to enhance and foster an effective learning environment.  

After school activities provide additional opportunities for physical, artistic, social and academic enrichment.  For more on our after school program, please check out our Cougar Cub Club.

Field trips provide opportunities to extend learning beyond the walls of the classroom and into the real world.

Spiritual Development

Elementary students participate in Bible as part of their daily curriculum.  We use Scripture and integrate Biblical truth throughout the day, not just during Bible class.

Every student participates in weekly chapel services. In the elementary, chapel includes praise and worship, Bible teaching, and recognition of character qualities.

Their Future

We are educating students for a world that is constantly changing.  We want students to identify problems in the real world, critically evaluate how to develop solutions, and take action to make their communities better.  No student is too young to begin learning these skills.  We are committed to make sure our teachers continue to update their training through our professional training.  We also want to engage students with the plethora of technology available to them inside and outside the classroom.  

Contra Costa Christian Elementary School promotes high academic standards and spiritual development through its extensive curriculum, daily devotions, Wednesday chapels, co-curricular programs, and special events and projects throughout the year. Please contact us for a school tour!


Elementary School Principal
Chris Winters,
(925) 934-4964 x 205