Contra Costa Christian Schools

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After School Care

The before and after school program at Contra Costa Christian Schools is known as the “Cougar Cub Club.” This program is open every morning from 7:00am to 7:45am and every afternoon from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

The Cougar Cub Club is intended for use by Kindergarten through Eighth grade students and occurs on every scheduled school day of the year.

All Elementary students dropped off, in the morning, prior to 7:45am will need to be signed into the Cub Club for morning care supervision until the yard duty arrives at 7:45pm.

All Elementary students not picked up by 3:05pm (12:00 pm on half days), will be automatically escorted to the MPR and signed into the Cub Club after school program.  All students signed into the Cub Club will be given a snack and will participate in the daily activities until picked up by a person designated on the student’s contact list in RenWeb.

All middle school students not picked up by 3:30pm must be signed in to the Cougar Club after school program.  Middle school students will also be given a snack and are welcome to join the Cub Club and participate in the daily activities set up for the younger students.  Middle school students are free to use the café to study, hang out or play table tennis.

The Cougar Cub Club after school program is designed to be a fun, nurturing, and safe environment for all students.  This program is designed to allow students to have time to play freely as well as time for structured activities.

Our weekly schedule includes such activities as:

There are three payment options for the Cougar Cub Club.  The first and second options need to be set up prior to the use of the Cougar Cub Club program.  If the payment plans are not set up prior to using the program, option three will be used automatically.

For questions about the Cougar Cub Club before and after school program, please contact Mr. Christian Smith at