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Imagination to Reality 2015

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... classrooms fitted with upgraded locks
Student safety is always a priority. Help us install modern locks on all doors so that teachers can lock them easily from the inside.
Cost to purchase and install each Lock: $100 each    
Quantity Needed: 38     

... collegiate workstations that facilitate 21st century learning
High School classroom layouts need to reflect a 21st century learning environment as we move from desks to workstations.
Cost per Table: $200 each    
Cost per Chair:  $50 each 
13 tables and 26 chairs needed per classroom  

... sports teams with brand new uniforms
Cougars want to look game ready! Help us replace old and tired uniforms:
Cost per High School Uniform $150 each 
28 basketball uniforms & 18 soccer uniforms needed   
Cost per Middle School Uniform  $50 each   
20 flag football, 20 softball, 20 soccer & 20 volleyball uniforms needed  
MS Boys Soccer Flag Football
MS Girls Softball
... music room where every chair is a performance seat
The Music Room needs performance chairs for every student. The existing chairs are broken and don't match one another.
Cost per Performance Chair: $50 each    
Quantity Needed: 50
... projectors mounted in every K-12 classroom
We already have the projectors, Now they need permanent mounting in the middle and high school.
Cost to purchase and install a projector mount: $200 each 
Quantity Needed: 11
... the ability to extend scholarships and offer tuition assistance.
This year, CCCS will provide assistance to over 30 students who would not otherwise be able to attend our school.
... use my gift where needed most
All gifts donated to this category will go towards the annual fund and be used where most needed.   
Our goal is 100% participation. No gift is too small!

CCCS is a 501(c)(3) organization 
Tax ID 94-2722091