Contra Costa Christian Schools

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Imagination to Reality 2016

Giving Tuesday is coming November 29, 2016

...Where will you give this year?
What is #Giving Tuesday?
Now in its fifth year, #Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. #Giving Tuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. #Giving Tuesday has become a movement that celebrates and supports giving and philanthropy.
What does #Giving Tuesday look like at CCCS?
By now you have probably received a few emails showing our needs at CCCS this year. You are invited to give to whichever category you feel resonates the most with you. Any gifts not designated to a particular category will go to the general fund and used where most needed.
I see the categories...I'd like to give... How do I do that?
#Click on the donate now button.
#You will be re-directed to a google document. 
#Click on the categories that you would like to support.
#Add the total amount of your giving.
#Decide how you would like to pay: credit card, mailing a check or make a pledge to be completed by June 2017.
#Credit card payments will be redirected to our credit card site.

How will you keep us updated on #Giving Tuesday?
We anticipate 11/29 as being an exciting, high energy day! As gifts and participation levels increase, we will be updating a link and photos throughout the day. 
What if we reach goal in a category?
When we have reached our goal in any given category, we will close it.
Will my gift be tax deductible?
Contra Costa Christian Schools is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization. Tax ID number is 94-2722091. All gifts are 100% tax deductible. Please check with your tax advisor for more information.
What are the CCCS goals?
Financial goals are posted with each category. We are praying for 100% participation among staff, faculty, board and families. No gift is too small.
Is it all over after Giving Tuesday?
Absolutely not! We will continue the "Imagination to Reality" campaign until our annual fund goals have been met.
... new fencing & landscaping in the front of the school
140 linear feet of fencing and landscaping in the front of the elementary school will be dual purpose: to provide an additional barrier between classrooms and the street as well as to enhance the front of our school. 
Cost to purchase and install fence and landscaping: $63 per foot
Quantity Needed: 140 feet
Total Cost: $8,750  

... two matching basketball hoops for the blacktop
We would like to install two basketball hoops that match the existing hoops and are height adjustable. These can be used for elementary recess and P.E as well as middle and high school basketball practice. 
Cost per hoop $2,070 each installed 
Total cost of 2 hoops including installation: $4,146
... MPR sound system, flat screen TV's and LED theatre lighting
Phase 1 of the MPR makeover has been completed (new flooring and paint). This is Phase 2! A new sound system, two wall mounted tv's and theatre lighting will create a professional theatre stage setting which can be used for events, performances, meetings and chapel.
Lighting Package: $3,000                                 
Sound Upgrade: $2,000                            
TV's Installed:$4,000
Total: $9,000  
... 170 new chairs for the MPR and Cafe
The MPR and cafe is used by preschool, elementary, middle and high school for several different purposes. The existing chairs are mismatched, old and uncomfortable. These proposed chairs have padded seats and reflect the modern vision that CCCS wants to accomplish. 
Cost per chair: $30
170 Chairs: $5,100
... two classrooms with collegiate workstations that facilitate 21st century learning
Last year we transformed 4 classroom layouts to reflect a 21st century learning environment as we moved from desks to workstations. This year we would like to complete two more classrooms.
Cost per Table: $260 each    
Cost per Chair:  $66 each 
7 tables and 25 chairs needed per classroom: $3,470    
Total of 14 tables and 50 chairs needed to outfit two classrooms: $6,940 

... the ability to extend scholarships and offer tuition assistance.
Goal for Giving Tuesday: $8,200  
This year CCCS has provided assistance and scholarships to 36 families who would not otherwise have been able to attend our school. That is 50 students whose lives will be changed because of the teachers that have taught them, the friends they have made and the God that they will serve. 
... three new tricycles for the preschool
Currently the preschool has 2 tricycles which don't have pedals. Since these are so popular with our preschoolers, we would like to replace the old and add another one.
Each Tricycle: $275  
Quantity Needed: 3
Total Cost: $825