Contra Costa Christian Schools

Preparing the Next Generation

New Family Referrals

CCCS provides some limited referral incentives to attract new families.

Contra Costa Christian Schools believes that the best referral is word of mouth and we are extremely appreciative of families who tell their local community about their positive experiences at the school.  

To show our appreciation, we offer a $500 incentive to any family that refers the school to another family, who in turn, enroll their child at CCCS.  We are also extending this same offer to churches and other local K-8 schools.

Referral Guidelines

The new student must complete the name of the family or organization that referred them on the application form.  We have a field specifically for this question on our application.

Only one $500 referral incentive applies to each new family (not per student).

In order for churches, schools, or parents to receive a referral payment or tuition credit, the referred families must attend CCCS through December of the year they start.

Referral credits or payments are distributed in February.  We provide referral tuition credits for existing parents that refer new families.  We provide referral payments to churches and schools that provide referrals to us.

If a family enters CCCS with more than one referral, the referral amount is split between the referring parties.

Thank you for your support of our program and Christian education!