Contra Costa Christian Schools

Preparing the Next Generation

Head of School Welcome

Contra Costa Christian Schools provides a high quality 21st century education within a Christian context that prepares students to engage their world from a Christian perspective. What can and should you expect of a CCCS education? It is a great question.

Your child will learn in an environment infused with hope, opportunity for achievement and high expectations.  The education at Contra Costa Christian is cohesive as we view the daily discovery of truth as a pursuit of faith and facts together.  The culture we live in has incredible impact on the development of our children’s world view.  Because of this, we choose to educate in light of that culture instead of withdrawing from it.  In fact, our hope rests in our belief that today’s children are the generation that will shape that same culture in years to come.

This process starts with the view we have of your child. Every single employee in our school believes that your son or daughter is made in the image of God, unique and with a purposeful destiny. Because of that view, we strive to know every student in our care deeply, i.e. how they learn, what they hope for, and what challenges they are facing. Our daily efforts are inspired by our desire that your student is well known.

A trained and professional faculty awaits your student.  Our teachers are life-long learners in pursuit of serving your family with the most relevant and effective learning strategies at our disposal. Professional growth is a daily priority at CCCS. Everyone in our organization is part of a professional learning community.   This provides the foundation for your student to be well taught.

Finally, when you choose to place your child at CCCS, we recognize that choice is a conscious decision that conveys a sacred trust between us. We seek an active partnership with you that is more than only a customer transaction.  We are focussed on supporting and guiding each and every student to reach their complete and full potential, the potential God intended when they were formed. Our every effort and prayer is aimed at seeing them prepared, not only for continued education and a meaningful vocation but more broadly, fully prepared for life itself!

Well known, well taught...fully prepared! This is our hope and expectation for every student at Contra Costa Christian Schools.  They are the next generation.  Starting a dialogue is simple. Throughout this site you will be given opportunities to gain information, contact our admissions staff or schedule an educational consultation with one of our school leaders. There is nothing else we would enjoy more than being able to meet you. May God bless you and your family in all that you do.