Contra Costa Christian Schools

Preparing the Next Generation


What extracurricular programs does CCCS offer?

Students, beginning in elementary school, are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, in addition to sports. These may include spelling bees, science fairs, debate, drama, and other academic activities. The high school also offers outstanding programs in fine arts, music and drama, including the band and choir concerts, regional music and drama competitions, special events and the production of two plays per year. Band and choir are offered beginning in the 5th grade.

What sports are included in the CCCS athletic program?

We provide opportunities for inter-scholastic competition for students reaching the 5th grade and beyond.  

For 5th to 8th graders, students can participate in 4 seasons with the Bay Area Christian School Athletic League that includes the following sports:

  • Basketball
  • Flag Football (boys only)
  • Soccer
  • Softball (girls only)
  • Volleyball

High school students have the opportunity to compete with other local high schools in the Bay Area Conference, specifically Bay Counties League (BCL).  The BCL is one of the oldest and most established leagues in the Bay Area.  Varsity sports at CCCS include the following sports:

  • Basketball (boys & girls)
  • Cross-Country (boys & girls)
  • Soccer (boys & girls)
  • Swimming (boys & girls)
  • Volleyball (boys & girls)

CCCS also have some individual students competing in golf with other high school golfers.  We look forward to growing additional programs as student interest allows.

What curriculum does CCCS use in their classrooms?

We follow the California state standards across the curriculum.  While the standards for each course provide a baseline for students, CCCS seeks to challenge students to maximize their abilities and extend beyond the minimum standards.  Teachers regularly integrate digital resources to enhance classroom instruction.  We select textbooks and other support materials that we believe will give the students the best academic preparation for their next level of study. Our teachers instruct the students from a Biblical perspective, meaning they plan goals, objectives and activities so that students are led to analyze, evaluate, and discern issues with a Christian perspective in mind.  

Is Contra Costa Christian affiliated with a particular church?

No.  We have over 80 churches represented within the CCCS community.  CCCS is governed by an independent association of parents and CCCS supporters and represented by a Board.

Are CCCS teachers credentialed?

All of our teachers are qualified to teach in the curricular areas where they have been assigned. The vast majority of our teachers have California Teaching Credentials or an out-of-state teaching credential.  Many teachers hold advanced degrees in their respective areas.  We place a high value on the quality instruction of our teachers and assure that classroom instruction maintains a high quality.

How do your students perform on standardized tests?

Our students consistently score well above the national average in standardized testing. Students in grades 1 through 9 are given the Stanford Achievement Test once a year. High school juniors are required to take the PSAT and all seniors are strongly encouraged to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Further information on the school's test scores is available upon request.

Is there an opportunity for parents to get involved with the school?

Yes, we believe that God has given parents the primary responsibility of training their children. We see ourselves as being in partnership with Christian parents in educating their children. We encourage parents to become involved with the school, whether this is through helping in the classroom, accompanying students on field trips and to sporting events or working on campus. There are opportunities to serve on board committees, improve the school facilities on workdays and to get involved in our parent organization, Parents in Partnership (PIP) along with numerous other activities that will serve the students, serve the school and serve God's calling for both. Parents are also encouraged to become voting members of the school Society as well.

Are your schools accredited?

Yes, our elementary, middle and high schools have received accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). In addition, CCCS is also a member of Christian Schools International (CSI).  We maintain a fully licensed preschool by the California Health and Services Community Care Licensing.