Contra Costa Christian Schools

Preparing the Next Generation

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Contra Costa Christian Graduates will be able to integrate faith and practice from a Christian world-life view as they…

  1. Grow in Their Faith by:
    • having a Biblical view of God and being able to articulate their relationship to Him
    • having a Biblical view of self and being able to recognize and utilize God-given gifts as builders of God's Kingdom
    • understanding what it means to grow in grace
  2. Contribute to Their Community by:
    • demonstrating appreciation, understanding and stewardship of God's creation
    • demonstrating in relationships the value and character that comes from a Christ-centered life
    • participating in society as godly citizens who love, respect, and serve others
  3. Think Critically in:
    • demonstrating skills for logical and critical thinking applied to problem solving, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating experiences and information through a variety of media, with Biblical discernment
    • establishing connections between disciplines and subjects
  4. Strive for Excellence in:
    • demonstrating good scholastic work habits that include learning and studying skills to be utilized throughout life
    • communicating effectively and responsibly with others
    • discovering how God can be glorified through all aspects of human life and how they are uniquely gifted to serve in his Kingdom
    • possessing a well-rounded knowledge base in many disciplines