Contra Costa Christian Schools

Preparing the Next Generation

Core values

We are distinctively Christian. Our commitment to Jesus Christ in every area of our lives shapes every aspect of our teaching, our relationships, our philosophy and our management. We teach our students to view their lives and their world from the viewpoint of the Bible.

We are a learning community. Beyond our commitment to the highest academic standards, teachers and students engage relationally to discover God's world, and His children's purpose in that world. We bring the Bible to bear on all our activities so that students will grow in wisdom and discernment.

Academic excellence is a strong commitment for us, because this allows students to realize their God-given potential in all things, to be most effective as His servants in a complex world and culture. It is our goal that in this way God will be glorified.

Our job, as parents' partners, is preparing children. Preparation is much more than just teaching. Through modeling, creation of leadership and service opportunities, and extracurricular activities, we enable students to grow in every aspect of their Christian faith and life.

We serve Christian families. The task of preparing children for Christian service in this complex world cannot be completed alone by the school, or by families - the partnership between the two, along with the local church, are critical to success.

We prepare children to fulfill His purpose for them. Every man, woman and child was created by God with a unique purpose. In the course of their education, it is our desire that students start to identify, prepare for, and live out that purpose.

Children are designed by God as builders of God's Kingdom. We believe that "our world belongs to God", as Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer of all of creation, humanity and culture. God is building His Kingdom, the new Heaven and Earth, and chooses to use His children to do it. This is the highest calling any human being can have.